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9 Tips for choosing the right kitchen splashback

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Kitchen Splashbacks can be a great standout feature in any kitchen. When choosing the right Splashback, it needs to not only complement the design and style of the kitchen, but also be practical enough to withstand everyday use.

We understand with the endless styles and options available out there that it is easy to start feeling overwhelmed with choice options. That’s why we have put together these 8 simple tips to assist you in narrowing down your ideas, allowing you to pick the perfect Splashback for your beautiful new kitchen

1. Recognise your budget

The first step in your kitchen makeover planning process is to have your budget clearly set out. The material, size and layout that you select are going to make a big difference on the final cost. Be sure to have your budget in mind first and foremost when going through your decision-making process, so that your chosen Splashback falls within your budget.

2. Align with your kitchen’s style

An important factor to keep in mind when choosing a Splashback is to ensure it will align with the overall style of your kitchen. This doesn’t necessarily mean matching your benchtop and cupboards – but it does mean that they should all complement one another.

Available options include Splashbacks which are traditional in style, and others that will give your kitchen a more modern look and feel. If your Splashback is going to be the focal point in your kitchen, you will likely work backwards and chose your benchtop and cupboards based on the style of your Splashback.

3. Select the right material

Are you aiming for a rustic-brick look? Clean-white polished tiles? Traditional kitchens often use tile or stone, while modern kitchens are incorporating glass, copper, prints and stainless steel. Tile is one of the safest and most versatile options that can work in almost any kitchen design.

Alternatively, using a matching material such as stone on both your Splashback and benchtop can be both a practical and visually appealing option, creating a stunning streamlined look. You want to decide on a material that both looks good and is durable enough to handle everyday cooking splatters. Below is a list of commonly used Splashback materials:

Tile – Versatile, easy cleaning
Glass – Modern, sleek
Acrylic – Similar to glass, cost-effective
Stone – Elegant, streamlined look
Mirrored Glass – Reflects light, adds size, contemporary
Pressed Metal – Modern, engaging design
Stainless steel – Very current, durable

4. Pick the right colour

Do you want your Splashback to blend in with the tone of your room? Or do you want it to take centre stage?

Choosing colours that have a similar tone to your other materials will give a uniform look. Alternatively, choosing a contrasting colour can make your Splashback a decorative focal point. Also, light colours can create an open and bright feeling, while dark colours will allow for food splatter to be less noticeable. Naturally the materials and colours you have chosen for your benchtop and cupboards will impact your colour decision.

5. Keeping it clean

Certain Splashback materials can be more difficult to clean than others, and may require a special cleaning agent. While some materials may look magnificent, cleaning them can be a hassle. If your kitchen gets plenty of use with lots of spills and splatters, you may lean towards choosing a material that is easy to clean, such as a large ceramic tile with minimal grout lines.

Glass can create a very sharp looking kitchen, though cleaning it to a flawless finish every day can be challenging. Tile on the other hand is very easy to wipe clean, but the grout can stain more easily over time.

6. Try a mirror Splashback to make the kitchen feel bigger

A mirrored Splashback is a bold move, however it can really help to open a kitchen up and give the impression of a much larger space. This can look particularly elegant in smaller kitchens to help open them up, or in kitchens where you have a beautiful open home view to be reflected. It is important to note that mirrored Splashbacks should be avoided where there is little natural light.

7. Use a window Splashback to add light

If your Splashback happens to fall on an outer wall of your home, you may have the option of turning your Splashback into a window. This is a great opportunity to add in extra light, especially if your kitchen lacks natural light. This option requires significant advanced planning structurally, but when prearranged can be an impressive element in a kitchen.

8. Be bold with a printed Splashback

If the aim of your Splashback is to make a bold statement, an option is to use a feature print, such as marble or a printed image. This style can complement neutral benchtops and cupboards nicely, and can add a unique, decorative element to your kitchen. Using a printed or geometric Splashback is a great way to compliment neutral surroundings and really add that wow factor to your kitchen.

9. Don’t choose just yet

When in doubt, simply hold off on selecting your Splashback right away. We understand it is sometimes difficult to visualise exactly how a Splashback will look during the planning stages.

By partnering with an experienced kitchen design company such as ByAlex, you will be able to get expert advise on what Splashback designs and materials are available, and what will look the best for your kitchen design.

ByAlex are innovative professionals, specialising in kitchen design on the Garden Route. To see some of our work, click here have a look at our gallery. To go to our contact form click here. Our friendly renovation consultants would love to hear from you!

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Top tips for sorting your garage

Alex an expert when it comes to organising garages and sheds. “When everything’s in its place”, he says, “you know exactly what you have and can find things quickly.” So set aside a day, organise a skip bin or council rubbish pick-up (you’ll need it!) and get started.

Make a plan

Apart from cars, what large items or permanent workspaces do you need to fit in? Think workbenches, chest freezers, potting benches and the like. They’ll need to go near powerpoints or under good lighting.

The space around those items is perfect for storage. Create “zones” for each work area, such as gardening outdoor items, sports and seasonal items. Measure the space and sketch where your storage will go and take a ‘before photo’ to help identify what you have to organise.

Storage options

Get as much off the ground as you can. If you have exposed rafters, move any large, lightweight items up and away. On the walls, you can use anything from simple S-hooks to integrated wall track systems with moveable hooks. They are flexible and can be added to or rearranged to meet your ongoing needs.

Shelves are another off-the-ground option, plus they make it easy to see what you’re looking for. Look for rugged shelves that are quick to put together, consider the maximum load they’ll take and use co-ordinated shelves for a uniform look.

Cupboards and drawers are great for hiding clutter. Have at least one that’s lockable to safely store chemicals. Add heavy-duty castors to easily move them later.

Buckets or caddies are perfect for small hand tools, especially those you use regularly. Store tools for a particular job (think painting, pruning, spraying) in one spot.

Get stuck in!

It’s time to make your vision a reality. Ask friends to help you on the day, or break it down and do it one a section at a time.

  1. Move everything outside and start your rubbish and recycling piles. Now give the area a good clean.
  2. Put your permanent workspaces and large items in place. Put your plan up on the wall and consult it regularly to stay on track!
  3. Position your storage solutions around your workspaces. Affix shelves and cabinets to the walls now before you fill them.
  4. Add everything else back in, keeping similar items together in each “zone”. Label boxes as you go.

Job done! Sit back and enjoy your organised workspace. Or now that you know where everything is… get to work! If all of this just seems like way too much for you, By Alex has the perfect solution. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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