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Kitchen manufacture on the Garden Route

Meet Alex.

He has been passionate about wood craft since he was a little boy.



Alex was born to loving parents in December 1973. He grew up on a working farm just outside Port Elizabeth.

His first wood craft memory is of helping his father painstakingly install fences around the farm. Of course it’s any young boy’s dream to do manly tasks with Dad, and Alex loved every minute of it.

As the years passed, they built kraals for the cattle, feeding troughs and all manner of wooden implements. All needed to aid in the day-to-day management that went with owning and running a farm.

It was in primary school that Alex realised he had a passion for building when he helped his father renovate the house he grew up in. They lovingly crafted everything they needed from scratch. From the roof trusses, right down to the cupboard doors.

Little did he know that all these special tasks were planting in him a seed. And that seed would grow into a full-blown forest.

Being of Afrikaans decent, and raised within a traditional value system, Alex served in the army. He spent 4 years of his life dedicated to serving his country.  In the army Alex learned discipline and humility that would serve him well, later on in life.

Entering into the workforce as a young man, fresh out of the military, Alex fell about in different industries trying to find his groove. He worked his way up to Regional Manager for PG Glass, but all the while he wasn’t completely passionate about getting up in the morning.

Finally, after years on the wrong path, Alex made a breakthrough with a step into kitchen manufacture.  He hasn’t looked back since.

Now, with more than 6 years experience of kitchen manufacture under his belt and over 17 years living on the Garden Route, Alex is finally living the dream by creating and innovating bespoke cabinetry in homes and businesses all the way from George to East London and beyond, and is back to loving every minute of it!


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